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Here’s what you’ll need to hand to complete your application…

  • Your NI number
  • Details of your referees – we just need their names and current email addresses
  • An up-to-date CV (for advice on how to build an effective CV, click here)
  • …and a nice cup of tea or coffee

It’s designed to take no longer than 10-15 minutes.


Save & resume

You don’t need to complete your application in one sitting – you can save and resume later. When you save an application, you’ll receive two emails – one with a password and a second with a link to retrieve your application.  Every time you save your application, you will be sent a new link and password.


8 top tips

  1. Focus on how your skills and experiences meet the requirements for the role you are applying for, using specific examples from work, education and your interests / hobbies
  2. You do not have to have obtained your skills and experience in paid work – you can use experience you have gained from voluntary work for example; however it must be relevant to the role.  If you don’t have the particular experience asked for, be honest about this and tell us how you think your other skills are relevant or how you could address these gaps – but do not let this put you off from applying!
  3. Double check you have entered your email address & mobile number correctly
  4. Remember to download and save a copy of the job summary of the role you are applying for, as this will not be available after the closing date
  5. Avoid using a Hotmail account wherever possible – our emails often find their way into Hotmail’s junk folder
  6. Updates on the progress of your application will be emailed to you
  7. We recommend you complete your reasons for applying in Word and then copy & paste into the application form to avoid time outs (note there is a 4,000 character limit)
  8. If you want to have an informal chat about the role, please get in touch with the person specified in the advert. If there is no contact provided, then please call our HR Team on 01296382233. We will consider requests for flexible working so if you have any questions around the terms and conditions of the role you may wish to contact us prior to applying for the role.


In case you’re wondering…

We aren’t able to provide individual feedback if you’re not selected for an interview. If you are unsuccessful at the application form stage, it’s probably because you haven’t demonstrated that you meet the essential criteria for the role.

We aim to shortlist and notify you of the outcome of your application within a week of the closing date, so we will be in touch as soon as we can.


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