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Adult Social Care

Rethink the way we care…

Adult Social Care has never been so important. That’s why we focus on prevention; ensuring that in our communities, elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents are continually safe and able to live the lives they want.

It takes innovative and strong people to help us achieve our vision. Those who are ready to help shape the future and investment of our services, who have the ambition to take control and get jobs done. Looking out for our communities is number one. And it’s something we’re proud to do. Join us, and make a real difference.

Investing in the future of adult social care

In Buckinghamshire, we strongly believe in and invest in the future shape of Adult Social Care.

We are busy embedding the Care Act 2014 into everyday practice and with an eye on innovation, we foster a creative culture that encourages new ideas from teams.

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Using digital to support social workers

Dan Hussey – our Digital Lead in Adult Social Care – shares the digital innovations we’re developing to make life easier for our social workers as well as carers and our clients.

From the Virtual Village, to our online resource centre co-designed with social workers and a new online assessment tool, take a closer look…


Prevention matters

Here, the spotlight is on prevention, delivered through our cutting edge Prevention Matters initiative.

Prevention Matters brings together the County Council, the NHS, the District Councils, and the voluntary sector in a joined-up approach to helping people stay independent and active.

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Training & Development

Developing and supporting our Social Workers throughout their careers is really important to us. You’ll have a clear understanding of your career development pathway and will well looked after by our dedicated workforce development team.

We are 100% committed to creating a learning culture with exciting opportunities to move up in your career. We offer a fully funded development pathway that allows you to follow a number of directions in your continuing professional development. These include:

  • Accredited modular learning with our partners at Bucks New University
  • A dedicated ASYE programme for newly qualified social workers
  • Mentoring and Coaching scheme
  • Online resources and training that support your learning and practice
  • Regular in house training which includes a dedicated programme to ensure social workers are confident in applying new legislation such as the Care Act to their practice
  • Action learning with opportunities to reflect on practice and network across other services such as our partners in children’s social work and health

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Our Teams

From Community Response to Safeguarding, our Adult Social Care Services are delivered through seven teams.

Safeguarding Service: deliver positive outcomes for adults.

Older People and Physical & Sensory Disability Teams: support a wide range of people from younger people with physical and sensory disabilities, who may be living in the community, supported living settings or at university, to older people with ongoing packages of care and support.

Community Hospitals / Stoke Mandeville Team: responsible for discharging primarily elderly patients, although also a number of younger patients with a wide range of difficulties.

Community Occupational Therapy Team: provides assistance for disabled people and older people experiencing difficulties with daily living tasks.

Transitions Team: responsible for tracking and liaising with children’s services, SEN, local schools and understanding the young people who will likely need an assessment for adult social care support when they reach 18.

Learning Disability Service: supports individuals from 18 years onwards that have a learning disability.

Community Response and Reablement Team: the first touch point for the majority of new referrals into adult social care.

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Did you know...?

The Paralympic legacy, a focus on your wellbeing, Dignity and Respect Awards – here’s what makes Buckinghamshire unique.

We are proud to be the birthplace of the Paralympics
The very first Paralympic games took place in 1948 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury where WWII veterans with spinal injuries competed. Discover more about our Mandeville Legacy Project.

Your wellbeing is really important
We recognise that by the nature of the work, our people often go that extra mile for our residents, so we are committed to ensure that you achieve a good work/life balance. And support you to be able to work as flexibly as possible by optimising technology and digital solutions.

We have built a Virtual Village
Visit our Virtual Village to find out what sorts of services we offer

We host the annual Dignity and Respect Awards
Each year we host the Dignity and Respect Awards, which recognise brilliant individuals and organisations involved in the delivery of care and support health and social care services in Buckinghamshire, whether that’s in a hospital, care home, an individual’s home or in the community.