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Want to inspire the next generation? Working with children and young people in Buckinghamshire's schools is a great place to light up your own future too. Home to some of the top-performing schools in the UK, but also with plenty of challenges, we have lots to offer great teachers, whether you're new to the classroom or have years of experience under your belt.

We have teaching opportunities at every level from trainee positions to leadership roles. Committed to providing a high-quality education for all children and young people, our selective secondary system means most Buckinghamshire pupils take a transfer test in their final year of primary school and then progress to either a grammar or secondary school. You can choose to teach in a range of settings, from small, rural primary schools through to large, multi-form entry schools in our town centres.

Sharing the Bucks experience

There's no better way to understand what it's like to work in Buckinghamshire schools than to hear from the teachers themselves. Career switchers, experienced headteachers plus teachers new to the classroom share their experiences and reveal what makes teaching in Bucks so special.

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It’s hard, but we pick out one opportunity each week that we think is too good not to shout about. Take a look – is this for you?

Job of the week | Teaching Assistant - Great Kingshill School

Unlock the opportunity

Buckinghamshire is a great place to start your teaching career, whether you choose school-led training or university-led training. Both include time working with pupils in at least two schools and, in Buckinghamshire, you can be sure that experience will be rich and varied.

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We look after you

Teaching offers rewards you won't find in any other career, but it offers unique challenges too. In Buckinghamshire you can do the job you love, knowing you'll be well supported, every step of the way. If you're moving from a different location, new to teaching, or looking to see what you've been missing since you left the profession, here's what's in place for you in Buckinghamshire...

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Life changing, hard work deserves to be rewarded. And at Buckinghamshire County Council, our people are just as important as the services we provide. That's why we make sure that their future is just as solid as that of the county, by providing some of the best benefits around...

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Ask Lorna

Whether you’re an experienced teacher considering a move or an aspiring teacher looking to make a difference, you’re bound to have questions. Here’s how to find the answers.

Our dedicated Schools & Education recruitment specialist, Lorna Fisher, is on hand to answer all your queries. Please feel free to contact her on 01296 387857 or