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Employer branding & Guinness

We were lucky to be invited over to Dublin by LinkedIn as a member of its Talent Brand Club. We partner with LinkedIn to maximise the channel as a platform, both as a way to reach out to candidates and for candidates to get in touch with us, and to find out what we’re all about as an employer.

The event was held at LinkedIn’s brand new EMEA HQ, complete with rooftop terrace that looks over the Dublin skyline. I must admit some public sector worker envy – as expected, LinkedIn employees are treated to free unlimited nutritious food all day cooked by top chefs and have the luxury of a gym in the basement and even a band practice room (oh and a café serving Guinness on tap on the top floor). With 90% millennials making up the employee base, it is a young and buzzy environment.

The Talent Brand Club event was attended by clients from across Europe. We were the only representatives from the public sector so it was great to get some insights both into the private sector and from the continent and also to share what some of our challenges are. It turns out, there are plenty of similarities.

You can’t fail to be inspired. LinkedIn’s values and purpose are evidently in the DNA of the company (which counted 500 million members at its latest milestone) and there is real pride in what they do. The culture has grown up around its purpose: “to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce” and its values, which Jeff Weiner (CEO) describes as “who we are. That’s LinkedIn”:

  • Members first
  • Relationships matter
  • Be open, honest and constructive
  • Demand excellence
  • Take intelligent risks
  • Act like an owner


From the client panel, it was interesting to hear the story of Lily’s Kitchen – a luxury pet food brand based in London, a company which literally started at the founder’s kitchen table. The Head of Talent Acquisition, who has a background in fashion, shared how LinkedIn has played a huge role in both building their employer brand and helping to source and attract the talent they need to move the company forward. For example, I loved how she now makes sure that every employee uses a photo of themselves with a dog or a cat as their LinkedIn profile photo. She has also worked hard to establish a relationship with the in-house marketing team and has run several LinkedIn workshops internally to encourage staff to become employee brand ambassadors as well as product ambassadors.

A breakout round table gave UK clients the chance to compare notes and share experiences. Themes that dominated included how to get more employees active on LinkedIn and how HR and marketing are blurring.

An obligatory (half) pint of Guinness rounded off the event of course. Thanks LinkedIn for the opportunity!

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Posted 19/06/2017

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My work experience by Natasha

I’m Tasha and I’ve just finished a one week work experience placement at Buckinghamshire County Council.

Why I chose BCC

I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to go down so being with so many teams this week has helped me to get an idea of different jobs. I’ve always wanted to work in the public sector as I love interacting with people as well as helping them.

How I spent my week

I’ve spent time with teams in HR, Public Health, Recruitment and Transport, Economy, Environment. My day with Public Health helped me discover that I am passionate about healthcare; I attended meetings, one about Substance Misuse and one about mental health of children. I also spoke to a consultant who specialises in medicine; she enlightened me about a career in medicine as well as how and why Public Health is such an important team.

I spent a lot of my week off site for example visiting High Heavens waste facility (which happened to be on the one day of the week which rained all day!), and reviewing planning requests.

I also spent the majority of my time talking to people about what their job entails and what it’s like working at BCC.  Also went to meetings and got site tours.

What I enjoyed

I enjoyed meeting new teams each day which made my working week really varied. This also helped me to increase my confidence as well as learn about the multitude of career types in local government. 

What I learned
I learnt about the magnitude of services BCC provides for the county and also increased my confidence in meeting new people. From working in all the different sectors, I learnt that I would love to pursue a career in healthcare.

Published: 19/05/2017

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Our 2017 Graduate Scheme launches

We're launching our 2017 Graduate Scheme today - find out all the details and apply here

Our graduate programme is different from the average - you won’t find yourself swapping from placement to placement. Instead, you'll start in a real job - with real responsibilities, real challenges, and real scope to grow.

We spoke to last year's graduates about how they've found their first 6 months at the Council - read about their experiences and what surprised them about BCC... 


Date published: 11/05/2017

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Job of the week - Business Intelligence & Insight Analyst

A great opportunity to play a key role in our leading change programme, Change for Children (C4C) which is improving services for children and young people whilst ensuring they are financially viable for the future.  We need your analytical skills to help support evidence based decisions and drive transformational improvements

Could this be you?

Find out more and apply


Posted 04/04/2017

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