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Work Experience with Buckinghamshire County Council

  • Location: Aylesbury Vale
  • Ref: FS08219
  • Closing date: 31st December 2018
  • Contract type: Other
  • Working hours: Full Time
  • Salary: See advert for detail


Our Work Experience Programme is designed to give you a taster of what it's like to work in local government and a chance to develop valuable skills and knowledge.

Our Work Experience Programme gives you the opportunity to:

  • Gain insight into your chosen area at Buckinghamshire County Council
  • Shadow a range of people working in your area to understand more about their roles
  • Ask questions to find out more about a career in local government 
  • Build your knowledge of the public sector 

Placements can be up to 2 weeks long and are usually unpaid.

If you feel that you come under the exemptions for unpaid work experience as stated here, please include this in your application.

About Us

If you choose to do a work experience placement at BCC, you'll benefit from:

  • Real world experience in the job you are interested in
  • The opportunity to explore career options to help you make more informed choices 
  • Contacts for future networking
  • Experience that you can add to your CV and help you stand out to future prospective employers
  • Gaining confidence
  • Getting first-hand insight into a large public sector organisation

About the role

We currently have work experience opportunities in the following teams:

Highways Development Management

During a work experience placement with this team, you can expect to attend site inspections, shadow officers, learn how a planning application is reviewed and attend meetings about current projects.

Possible placement dates: February – November

Business Development

If you are placed with this team you can expect to learn about and practise: social media marketing; evaluating BCC’s web presence; designing email campaigns; customer retention and acquisition as well as relevant aspects of B2B marketing.

Possible placement dates: All year (subject to availability)

School Admissions and Transport

During your time with this team, you can expect to: draft responses to parental/caregiver enquiries; help the team manage incoming applications; support the team in assessing home to school transport applications as well as general office administration.

Possible placement dates: June – August, October - February

Business Support

A centralised support service that provides flexible, dynamic administrative support across BCC. You’ll get the chance to work with a number of different teams depending on your studies. You’ll help out with general office admin including data input and checking, filing, copying and scanning.

Possible placement dates: September – November, January – mid July

 Finance Operations

You can expect to: log incoming correspondence; provide project support; assist with the electronic filing system; shadow payments processing and assist with different sub-teams. This is a great placement for students considering a financial or accountancy career.

Possible placement dates: May – February

Strategic HR

In a placement with our Strategic HR team, you can expect to: shadow the many roles within the team; learn about and assist in the recruitment process from start to finish; review and evaluate the use of social media as a recruitment tool; attend meetings; learn about essential HR policies and procedures.

Possible placement dates: January - November

Technology Services

With this team, you can expect to gain an insight into the Service desk, Deskside, Infrastructure teams and some of our key applications.Note: placements with this team can only be a maximum of 3 days.

Possible placement dates: All Year (subject to availability)

Regeneration and Major Property Projects

During your time with this team, you will get experience in dealing with IT and Comms within the service area, as well as an introduction to Project Management forms and disciplines.

Possible placement dates: April – January

Buckinghamshire Family Information Service and Programmes.

Possible activities with this team include: administration and project support; reporting; website administration; data quality checking; contributing ideas for website and social media content; supporting outreach and project delivery; designing leaflets and posters; research e.g. finding activities in the county, sourcing information for the website, project research.

Possible placement dates: All Year (Subject to Availability)

You can find further details of each team here.


About you

We will consider all applications, but our work experience scheme is best suited to:

  • Students of statutory school age (Year 10+)
  • Post 16 students
  • Undergraduates
  • Postgraduates

Other Information

Note we can’t guarantee all activities – it is dependent on the current work requirements of each team. Currently we can only support placements up to 2 weeks long.

Please note that placements are limited. Whilst we will try our best to accommodate you, please be aware that placements cannot be guaranteed.

If you are interested in doing work experience with a team not listed above, please get in touch with us to talk through.

Please note that placements are limited. Whilst we will try our best to accommodate you, please be aware that placements cannot be guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BCC offer internships and longer term placements?

At BCC, we are keen to develop our work experience programme to be the best that it can be. We are currently in the early stages of setting up our programme, and it is for this reason that we are only offering shorter placements of a maximum of 2 weeks in length at present. We do hope to eventually offer longer placements and internships, so be sure to check the jobs site from time to time for any updates. 

Are work experience placements paid or unpaid?

Generally our 1 – 2 week work experience placements are unpaid. If you feel you may come under the exemptions for unpaid work experience (details found here http://bit.ly/2QuDsH6), please state this in your application form.

How quickly after applying will I be able to start my placement?

Whilst our resourcing team will aim to get back to you about your placement as soon as possible, we advise that your requested placement start date is between 4 weeks and 6 months after the date that you send your application. This is to ensure that there is plenty of time for us to process your application and create a placement that is tailored to suit you.

Can I apply at any time of year?

We do take applications year round, but please bear in mind that placements are limited, and some teams may not be able to offer placements at certain times of the year, especially during busier working periods. It may also be more difficult to place you over Christmas and New Year.

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